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Car Buying Service

The very first thing that I like to do with new clients for the car buying service in Melbourne is to meet or at least speak to them about their specific needs and wants in a car. What Does The

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Car Selling Service

There are a number of different scenarios here for clients who require car selling services for their existing car that they no longer want or need. Find A Car For Me has plenty of experience selling cars on clients behalf

Why Use A Car Broker?

Why Use A Car Broker?

There are many benefits that come from using the services of Find a Car For Me as your Melbourne car broker. Each benefit ensures that you get the best car for yourself, at the best price for the least amount

Find A Car For Me

Can't find the right car? Or a good price on your next car? Are you getting a bad deal on your trade in? Find a Car For Me ensures get the best deal for a car. Click on the link below for a free consultation.

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Find a Car For Me was founded in Melbourne because:

Until now, there was no private car service that was in Melbourne.

Find A Car For Me is that private car service in Melbourne.

All my clients have often struggled to buy cars in Melbourne. Seeing as it isĀ  often the second largest purchase made by an individual or a family, it makes sense for me, as a Melbourne car buyers advocate to get good deals for people on new and used cars. This has meant that the money saved on a person’s next vehicle can be used on a mortgage, holiday, new computer or smartphone. Read more about this in our car buying service page.

Many clients have been unable to sell their own used car in Melbourne. This often leads to them trading their car in for their next car. Doing this means that they are in a poor negotiating position with the car dealer and they end up with a low price for their trade-in.

By using my Melbourne car selling service, clients can be confident that they can get a good deal on their sale which will ultimately save money on their next car. You can read more about our car selling service here.

Furthermore, if you are looking to get the best finance deal on your next car, I can arrange the best finance for you. Low Interest Car Finance as part of the wider group Get a Loan With Harvey.

I have a lifelong love of cars. The above is made possible by a lifelong love of cars plus a strong knowledge of new and used vehicles in Australia. This means that every client I have worked with has gotten the best car given their budget, needs and wants. To find out more about me, please click here.

Please read more about cars in our articles page

If you have anymore questions, please do not hesitate to read our FAQ’s page or to contact us here.