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What Drives Find a Car For Me in Melbourne?

Right from the time I was born, I was fascinated with cars. I fell in love with their movement, their sounds and of course their speed. As a young boy my mother would watch me as I would crawl around the house with a toy car watching the rotation of the wheels.

Fast forward a years and I first started getting good deals on cars for people as a 9-year-old. My mother was single and needed a car but knew nothing about cars.

Thanks to my interest in cars, I located the car using the newspaper (circa 1990) and then negotiated a price on Holden Gemini with the owner.  And her problem was instantly solved.

Since then, I have been buying and selling cars on behalf of people for almost 30 years.

Find a Car For Me is Not a Car Dealer but knows how they work!

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Harvey is a Master’s degree educated professional. Harvey has worked in marketing and sales operation functions for the head offices of leading car, motorcycle and automotive part organsiations in Australia.

This has given Harvey a unique insight into the automotive industry and a thorough knowledge of the workings of car retailers, auctions, wholesalers and private vendors.  All this gives Harvey a clear negotiation advantage with the above.

Harvey negotiated with all types of sellers from around Australia. To get a great deal on your next car, click here.

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Harvey Saves You Money on Your Next Car in Melbourne

As such, I have helped many people save money. One family I have dealt with were able to save enough money for a deposit on a property thanks to the money I saved them across a number of different car deals for their entire family.

In addition, I have added value onto cars that clients already own. For example, I was working for a family who had a Toyota that was sitting in a driveway for a few years.  In that time, the car was not running, was very dirty with poor paintwork, flat tires, with the stench of stale cigarette smoke and really looked like its best days were well behind it.

Someone offered the family $100 to remove the car. Instead, I convinced them to allow me to restore the car to its former glory and then sell it on behalf of them. I used a shoestring budget to get the car up and running. I also restored the paintwork and the interior back to their former glory using a number of ‘hacks’. By the time I finished it, a Toyota dealership claimed it was the best example they had seen in years and the car was worth $12,000. 

Best of all just like all my clients,  they saved time as I did all the running around for them.

I soon realised that there are many other people who find the process of buying and selling cars to be very difficult. From there, I decided to start my business; Find a Car For Me as I love getting good deals for people on the cars that they buy plus the cars that they sell. To find out more about getting a good price when you sell your existing car, click here.

For more information, please contact by email – click here or phone: 0411 769 772.

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