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The very first thing that I like to do with new clients for the car buying service in Melbourne is to meet or at least speak to them about their specific needs and wants in a car.

What Does The Car Buying Service Conversation involve?

This conversation will include details such as:

  • Your budget for your next car; and
  • Whether you want a new car or a used car; and
  • The type of car you have in mind; and
  • The colour of car that you want; and
  • Your lifestyle and the way your car fits into your current situation and future plans;; and
  • The amount of time you intend to keep your next car; and
  • If you intend to start or grow your family; and
  • Many other factors for your next car.

We will also determine if you need vehicle finance. If you do, you can get this with Harvey through his other company Get a Loan Pty Ltd.

car buying service Melbourne
Car Buying Service Melbourne

Then, As A Car Broker, I Give You Advice On The Best Car For You

My advice is based on some of the following factors:

  • Expected vehicle service costs; and
  • Expected vehicle depreciation; and
  • Ease of future vehicle sale/trade-in; and
  • Car Safety; and
  • Any other relevant factors.

Sometimes clients already know the type of car that they want. If this is the case, I am happy to either:

  1. Give my opinion on their car choice; and/or
  2. Start the search and negotiation process.
Buy Second Hand Car Melbourne
Buy Second Hand Car Melbourne

After The Consultation Stage, the New/Used Car Broker Phase Occurs; I Find Your Next Car

This is done through:

  • My contacts; and/or
  • Wholesalers; and/or
  • Dealerships; and/or
  • Auctions; and/or
  • Private vendors; and/or
  • Other methods.
Car Buying Agent Melbourne
Car Buying Agent Melbourne

Low Interest Car Finance

Low Interest Car Finance
Low Interest Car Finance

If you require finance, you’re in luck. Harvey Milder, the owner of Find a Car For Me is a fully qualified mortgage broker who owns the business Get a Loan With Harvey and it’s Low Interest Car Finance specific website here.

Finally, I Complete the Car Buying Advocacy Service

I negotiate the price and other terms of sale for the client.

Finally, I teach them how to learn to use the features of the car if necessary.

Used Car Buying Service Melbourne
Used Car Buying Service Melbourne

Teachers Car Buying Service Melbourne

Whilst working at several universities as an academic, I recognised that there were many academics who needed a teachers car buying service to assist them in getting the correct car for their needs and at the right price.

Working in the teaching field has literally taught me how to deal with teachers and understand the types of cars that they often want along with their time constraints.

Because of this, I have been able to help teachers and guide them through the process of deciding which car they want whilst taking care of all the tough negotiations with different types sellers on their behalf.

To complement the teachers car buying service in Melbourne, I also offer a teachers car selling service in Melbourne.

Teachers Car Buying Service Melbourne
Teachers Car Buying Service Melbourne

For more information, please contact us via email or phone

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