What does Find A Car do for me that I cannot do myself?

As a Melbourne car broker, our job is to get you the best price on your next car. We also give you tailored advice on the best car to buy as your next car. Finally, we do all the running around for you – finding you the best deal possible.

We can also either sell your existing car for you through our car selling service or help you get the best trade-in price possible.

How Does Find A Car For Me Get Paid?

For used cars in Melbourne, Car brokers have traditionally found cars from wholesalers and then put a mark-up on top of that car that they found.

In my experience, the mark-up is a very high amount, often 20-30% of the cost of a car. This of course explains why many of the car brokers use pressure and fear mongering techniques to sell cars to their clients. Often this means that clients end up paying retail prices for cars to cover their costs.

For example, a traditional car broker works closely with wholesalers monitoring their stock. If a car broker finds a car that vaguely matches a potential clients needs and budget; they will try to force clients to buy a particular vehicle from a wholesaler before a competitor buys it first and they lose the opportunity on that particular vehicle and possibly the client too.

Find a Car For Me views the car broking industry as a more consultative type of arrangement. We work to find the best vehicle for a client and our recommendations provided through our car buying service are not based on the stock at a given car wholesaler.

To ensure that customers save on their next car; Find a Car For Me charges a flat service fee per car inspected and/or negotiated for.

How do I know that Find a Car For Me is looking out for my best interests?

Find a Car For Me has been operating through word of mouth only for many years. The reason that the business has survived this long is that we ONLY look out for the customers best interests. Basically, we rely on recommendations and repeat business.

The customer first approach has helped Find a Car For Me gain repeat car broking customers for our car selling services, car buying services and teachers car buying and selling services.

I want to buy a used car how do I know it will be roadworthy?

Unless specified by the customer, every car that is procured on behalf of a customer by Find a Car For Me car brokers via the new car buying service or the teachers car buying service will have a valid Roadworthy Certificate.

How does Find a Car For Me get the best deal on a new car?

Dealers in Australia understand the car broking process.

For clients who use the New Car Buying Service or the Teachers Car Buying Service, Find a Car for Me can shop around at different dealers. Dealers within the same brand are all competing against each other just as much as they are competing against dealers who sell competitor cars.

If one dealer does not offer the best price on a requested car, they put themselves in danger of losing the business to another dealer.

To find out more about how Find a Car For Me can get you the best deal, please contact us by email or by phone.

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