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When you wish to buy a used car in Melbourne, you clearly have a number of options at hand. For instance, you could:

  1. Buy a car online; Or
  2. Buy second hand car from a car dealer; Or
  3. Bid at a car auction; Or
  4. Go through the process with a trusted broker.

Which option works best?

We’ll find out below!

Buy Car Online

A common option chosen by many Australians is to buy car online in Melbourne. After all, this is a convenient mode of buying used cars, with plenty of choices to select from.

But is this is really as perfect a way of buying used cars as it is frequently made out to be?

Below we list some of the pitfalls that come with opting to buy used cars in Melbourne online. To avoid these pitfalls completely Find A Car For Me can do this for you here.

Buy car online Melbourne
Buy car online Melbourne

Lack of Transparency

Without wanting to sound pessimistic (that is really not our aim!), reality is that many sellers lack transparency while selling their cars online. Common lies and/or misinformation include:

  • Not informing buyers about any accidents the car may have had; and/or
  • Keeping buyers in the dark if the car is listed as being stolen; and/or
  • Not being open about any finance owing on the car; and/or
  • Not being transparent about the actual mechanical condition of the vehicle.

Beyond the above, graver instances include ones where nefarious buy car online sellers end up hiding the fact that the car in question is in fact stolen! Yes, that happens more frequently than you might like to believe when considering buying a car online!

Haphazard Pricing

Another big challenge faced frequently when looking to buy second hand caronline is haphazard pricing. To give you an example, the exact same make and model of a particular vehicle is quoted at wildly different prices on second hand automotive listing sites. This is in spite of the fact that other factors – be it year of manufacturing, number of miles it has run, number of owners it has had, etc. are also quite similar.

Buying a Car from a Dealer

Besides the option of buying a car online, another possibility lies in buying used cars from dealers. Typically, these are professionals with reasonable experience in selling used cars and therefore, the likelihood of you getting a good deal in terms of a solid vehicle at a reasonable price is fairly high.

Yet, there are some pitfalls to buying a second hand car from a dealer too. Instances include:

High Prices

While dealers often claim to charge to have very cheap prices on their stock; often this is not the case. Cars at dealers are often charged at very high prices which contain the dealers commission plus a large mark-up.

A dealer will often plan to drop a very small amount off the price of a car to make a customer feel like they have left the dealership with a good deal. However, often the buyer has gotten a bad deal but not quite as bad as they would have had they paid the full asking price.

Thus, effectively, they not only extract commission from customers, they also pocket a sizeable mark-up charged on the vehicle.

Buy car online Melbourne
Buy a car online Melbourne

Pushy about Add-Ons

Another shortcoming with car dealers is that they tend to be pushy about often useless frills like paint protection, extra warranty, etc.

Some of the craftier dealers out there actually build these add-ons into the purchase price of the vehicle they are selling; many innocent buyers don’t even realize that!

Common Factors Listed Previously

Factors such as lack of transparency as well as arbitrary, slapdash pricing apply frequently in case of second hand car dealers too. There is especially no assurance about:

  • A genuinely non-accidental vehicle
  • Good mechanical condition of the vehicle

Opportunistic, Pretentious Car Dealers

Where there is no denying the sheer number of professional car dealers out there, unfortunately, there is also a significant number of opportunistic and pretentious dealers out there who really couldn’t care less once the car deal is done.

To give you an example, let’s say you bought a car that clearly seemed fine at the outset. Later on, you discovered many issues in the vehicle. Now, unscrupulous dealers will simply look to wash their hands off the whole scenario, implying that they have no further liability since the deal to buy second hand car in Melbourne is already done.

These are risks which you really have to be prepared for, when it comes to second hand car dealers.

Buy Second Hand Car Melbourne
Buy Second Hand Car Melbourne

Buying from Car Auctions

Now, yet another option that you have is to buy at a car auction. After all, all major cities across Australia hold car sale auctions quite frequently. These are especially good opportunities to grab vintage, exotic, or somehow highly coveted vehicles, that too often at truly affordable prices.

However, they also sell cars that are more run of the mill as well.

Yet, it is true that buying from car auctions also has its own set of perils, as listed below.

No Opportunities to Test Drive

One of the first things you want to do when considering the option to buy a car, especially a used one, is to take a test drive. After all, this will quickly give you an instinctual sense of the condition of the vehicle, the way it drives and handles, and so on.

At car auctions though, such test drive opportunities are extremely rare.


While the ability to grab exotic, coveted vehicles at car auctions is quite exciting, that is clearly not enough. An important aspect you need to consider is roadworthiness; whether the car is legally allowed to be on the streets of the Australia.

A lot of car auctions will simply override providing any kind of information on this front; especially since many are themselves clueless about the laws that apply!

Having forewarned you, this is an important aspect we feel you really should keep in mind while considering buying cars at auctions.

Getting a car from auction to pass a roadworthy test can be an extremely expensive exercise.

Buy second hand car Melbourne

Inability to Inspect

Just as most car auctions make it difficult for prospective car buyers to take their vehicles for a spin, they make it just as tough to carry out any close inspection. Often, you can view the car and rely only on the report as provided by the auction house.

In many cases, you cannot even start the vehicle.

Therefore, your chances of ending up with a dud vehicle – when you thought you were buying a star are in fact rather high!

The risks involved here include:

  • The car having mechanical issues.
  • The car having been in an accident, perhaps more than one.
  • The car being involved in any kind of illegal activity.

Buying from Car Brokers

Now, the final option you have is to buy your desired second hand car from a broker.

Time and again, we have noted that out of all the options listed above, choosing to buy used cars in Melbourne from car brokers in Melbourne proves to be the most risk-free, with few chances of something untoward happening.

We explain our above mentioned assertion below.

Buy Used Cars Melbourne
Buy Used Cars Melbourne

Skilful Negotiation

Of all the parties mentioned above, car brokers are invariably the most skilful in successfully negotiating prices to a level which is not only agreeable to both buyers and sellers; it is also a far likelier reflection of the ACTUAL worth of the vehicle in question.

Adept Communication and People Skills

Let’s face it; during such transactions, often there are occasions where one party proves rather difficult to handle in comparison to the other. In such trying scenarios, having an individual with adept communication and sound people skills proves completely priceless.

Many car brokers DO have such skills and therefore make a worthy choice as far as contacts to buy a second hand car in Melbourne from.

Making the Most of Precious Resources

For the vast majority of us, time and money are both precious resources that we have much less of than we desire. In this particular scenario, car brokers really help in saving significant time and money by closing deals to buy second hand car in Melbournequickly, that too at the best possible price.

Buy used cars Melbourne


In this article, we have listed all possible avenues to buy used cars in Australia.

Among all of them, car brokers clearly come up trumps, taking multiple factors into consideration.

All this demonstrates how Find a Car For Me can get you the best car for the best deal.

To find out more about how Find a Car For Me can get you the best deal, please contact us by email or by phone on 0411 769 772.

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Best SUVs to Buy in 2020

Best Small SUV's Melbourne

There are such a large number of small SUVs available now that it can be very difficult to choose what’s best for one’s needs.

Yet while they all seem to blend together, there are upsides and downsides to each. Among the upsides to all SUVs listed here are that they have 5-star ANCAP crash test safety ratings, wonderful gas mileage, and enough space for a family and their gear. Whether one’s main priorities are technology, safety, efficiency, performance, or space, there is a small SUV to suit those purposes.

Harvey Milder, the founder of Find a Car For Me has experience getting clients deals on many SUV’s and as a result, is in a good position to recommend the best ones to clients. If you wish to get the best SUV to buy for yourself or any other type of car, please contact Find a Car For Me by email or phone. For more information on our car buying service in Melbourne, please click here.

Mitsubishi ASX

The Mitsubishi ASX is one of the oldest small SUVs available right now, having been around in more or less its current state since 2010. This means that the interior is less than cutting edge as compared to the other competitors.

Despite this, the little Mitsubishi has a an interior that features up-to-date technology, good performance, and the highest possible crash test rating from ANCAP.

It also has an excellent new car warranty at 7 years demonstrating Mitsubishi’s confidence in the car. Truth be told, the design of the ASX is so old that most of its bugs should be ironed out by now.

As with many other small SUVs, the rear seat is cramped for adults, but the said rear seat does fold down to allow for extra cargo space. It also represents excellent starting at $24,990 (at time of writing) which helps to explain its popularity in Australia.

The ASX might lack rear space, but it does not lack in interior technology.

Best SUV To Buy - Mitsubishi ASX
Best SUV To Buy – Mitsubishi ASX

Mazda CX-5

Starting at $31,990 the Mazda CX-5 is one of the more expensive options here. However, for your money the Mazda CX-5 provides you with one of the better drives in its class.

Fun to drive specifically, and fun to be in. The CX-5 has a more straightforward interior layout than other small SUVs, while not lacking any entertainment options such as Apple Car play, Android Auto, and several USB ports. There is even a fighter jet like Heads Up Display available on certain models.

While other SUVs are becoming more like living rooms on wheels, Mazda has purposefully made the CX-5 just a bit sportier than the competition, in having a cockpit setup with a similar simplicity to their legendary sports cars.

The price of the CX-5 might not suit everyone, but it is an excellent buy.

Best SUV To Buy - Mazda CX-5
Best SUV To Buy – Mazda CX-5

Kia Sportage

The Kia Sportage is about style, and safety. The rear seat may be cramped, but the interior is plush and is matched with elegant styling.

The crash test ratings might be the same as others on this list, but the standard list of active and passive safety features on this car are truly superior to the competitors. Features like lane keeping assist and driver attention alert are all standard even on the S base model which starts at $28,990.

Complementing its accident avoidance features are is the styling. Kia says the lines were inspired by modern fighter planes, and with small SUVs this shape is among the best to the eyes available. The styling is enhanced by the standard fitment of 17-inch alloy wheels.

Style and safety are an excellent combination.

Best SUV To Buy - Kia Sportage
Best SUV To Buy – Kia Sportage

Honda HR-V

Often overlooked in this segment is the Honda HR-V. Because of this, it means that you can get a car with top quality for a little more than the price of a Mitsubishi ASX.

The Honda HR-V is classic Honda, in the modern era. Classic Honda means lightweight, with excellent build quality and first-class engineering. All this leads to wonderful efficiency, reliability, and usability.

This user-friendliness extends into the interior, which has just about every audio input under the sun, including USB, AUX, Bluetooth, and HDMI.  The HR-V also warns you when you need to add more air into your tires.

The HR-V offers the convenience of being able to enter the car and start it without taking needing to take your key out of your pocket. This is fantastic particularly when you have your hands full of shopping and potentially young kids.

More importantly, classic Honda means outstanding build quality and reliability. The engine sips fuel, and does so whether in the city or out cruising, due to the HRV’s lightness. Furthermore, the Honda 7-year warranty should provide plenty of confidence.

The rear of the little SUV is also easier to fit a pram in than several other choices on this list.

Ease of use and high quality should not be overlooked.

Best SUV To Buy - Honda HRV
Best SUV To Buy – Honda HRV

Suzuki Vitara

I am often surprised that I do not see more Suzuki Vitara’s on the road. And this is because they are the cheapest option out of all the cars that I have written about in this article. Starting at $23,990 the Japanese built Vitara offers similar pricing to a hatchback.

That said, the Suzuki Vitara is a little basic in some ways, but at almost a third the cost of some higher end competitors, the lack of frills is just fine.

There are some other caveats with that price, however. The Vitara uses more fuel than other small SUVs, and does not offer more legroom or cargo space than what is average for this type of vehicle. This is due to the fact that the Vitara is a little smaller than its competitors. This means that it makes the most sense for an inner-city buyer.

While the performance of the base model is adequate, Harvey always steers customers towards the turbo engine options as they provide an excellent compromise of performance and fuel economy. However, these are significantly more expensive than the base model. Maybe a slightly used turbo would be the pick here.

Also, the Suzuki lacks some of the active safety gear that is offered by some of the competitors. That said, it still achieves a 5-star ANCAP safety rating.

In any case, the Vitara is a wonderful budget option.

Best SUV To Buy - Suzuki Vitara
Best SUV To Buy – Suzuki Vitara

Hyundai Kona

With its slim line headlights, the Hyundai Kona is the slick and cool new kid on the block when it comes to small SUVs.

Introduced only a couple years ago, the Kona comes with Hyundai’s awesome five-year warranty, a boat load of technology, and good performance. The cost of this all-round capability is literal cost. While something like the Vitara can be had for $23,990, the most stripped-down Kona starts at 26,000 new and climbs steeply from there in price.

Hyundai has also used low quality materials on the interior of the Kona meaning that the interior ambience is compromised somewhat.

And the Kona’s back seat is cramped enough to only really be comfortable for small children.

When price and space are less important than technology though, the Kona is a good choice.

Best SUV To Buy - Hyundai Kona
Best SUV To Buy – Hyundai Kona

Toyota C-HR

Whenever I recommend the Toyota C-HR to anyone, the first thing they do is point out that it has a small capacity engine.

However, the performance from that engine is quite strong. And that’s only the beginning.

The Toyota C-HR is about the cutting edge, compared to other current small SUVs. Offering a hybrid option sets it apart from other SUVs in this list, and that is before mentioning a fully electric version that will soon be available overseas.

The styling is deliberately ultra-modern, an attempt to dramatically differentiate the C-HR from every other modern small SUV. It succeeds at this, as while most SUVs blend together, the C-HR stands out in any setting. More importantly, the interior quality and style really is second to none but it does not offer as much room as some of its competitors.

With excellent resale values, this car is a favorite of Harvey.

Technology and style combined are worth a look.

Best Used Small Sized SUV For Teachers Toyota CH-R
Best SUV To Buy – Toyota C-HR

When it comes to finding the best SUV to buy, while there may be many choices, understanding one’s requirements helps narrow the field. What could help further is engaging the services of a local Melbourne car broker. Find a Car For Me offers clients an easy way to get the best deal on a car. Harvey will find the best car for your needs and will then get the best price. Please see the car buying services page for more information.

For more information, please contact Find a Car For Me by email or phone.

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